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Acxiom Financial Services Review

The new picture of financial services

2019 Acxiom Financial Services Review offers some compelling insights, courtesy of our 50 years of experience serving many of the largest and most advanced Financial Services companies. This report will provide an insightful perspective on the changes in the industry and offer some valuable direction.

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We kick off this Industry Review addressing several of the key topics in the industry. Whether it is changing consumer expectations, new digital technologies, innovative partnerships, advancements with data and analytics, regulatory changes, or the Fintech startups that are on the attack – there is a lot to talk about.

Many of the marketing practices in Financial Services are being transformed – some are coming to an end. As Financial Services companies prepare for the future, they need to establish strategies and capabilities to reach and engage customers to improve business performance. The level of investment in marketing has never been higher and the complexity has risen. Given these challenges, Acxiom is here to help.

This report will offer up some compelling insights, courtesy of our 50 years of experience in the industry serving many of the largest most advanced Financial Services companies. Going forward, we want to continue to provide the Financial Services industry with not just leading technology solutions, but innovative ideas that can help advance your business. The following pages will give you a taste of our point of view on some relevant and timely topics. But there is more – we look forward to sharing other ideas in our future discussions with you.

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