CRM & Digital Transformation

CRM & Digital Transformation

During the CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2018 in Warsaw (October 29-30), Anna Glazunova (Livespace) and Maryia Dylets (Alfa-Bank Belarus) presented a case study involving the common implementation of a CRM system within Alfa-Bank Belarus.

Here are the key points of their presentation. 2 years ago, Alfa-Bank Belarus’ adoption of a new strategy meant that the bank was faced with the challenge of optimizing customer service costs, and it was this goal that lead to their implementation of a CRM. The bank launched a remote contact center for its mass business customers segment, and together with Livespace (Poland), it implemented a CRM system.

The initial results were impressive:

The initial results were impressiveAll of this was achieved without hiring extra employees within the bank.

Upon implementing the CRM solution, the following challenges occurred:

  • Tool that would allow for the proper measurement of customer service quality introduced
  • Information about all types of clients from different channels received
  • Problems in business processes identified and brought under control

The step-by step-process of CRM integration was as follows:

The step-by step-process of CRM integration was as followsElements of success:

  • Easy to set up the system – little time and few resources required
  • Implementation and adaptation plan (trial period) produced impressive results
  • Improved communication between companies – language and cultural barriers less of an obstacle
  • Efficient preparation of the legal terms of cooperation in the context of various legislative systems (EU and non-EU)
  • Readiness of the supplier to meet high standards for the banking sector


Polish company, based in Warsaw, provider of a next-gen B2B processfocused CRM, with task & sales automation.

Alfa-Bank Belarus

Established in 1999, offers services to all customer segments through its head office in Minsk and 17 branches in all regions of the country.