John Mark Williams at CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2018

John Mark Williams: Business agility is a mindset

During the CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2018 in Warsaw John Mark Williams moderated several panels, including the one on digital transformation and agile approach in SME Banking.

Our main task in the SME segment is to attain revenue...

An interview with Sergey Kovalenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the ATF Bank.
Marcin Balicki

SMEs tend to opt for leased fleets

Olena Gryniuk talked to Marcin Balicki, about the development of the leasing market in Poland and how Millennium Leasing approaches SME customers.
Adam Jano

Achieving Competitive Advantage through Fact-based management in SME Banking

Olena Gryniuk talked to Adam Jano, Head of Business Support & Sales Development at Budapest Bank (Hungary).
TBC Bank

SME Banking ecosystem at TBC Bank in Georgia

For TBC Bank (Georgia), SME Banking is a whole ecosystem that not only involves lending to SMEs or opening current accounts.
Code for Cooperation with Startups

How BGŻ BNP Paribs Bank in Poland cooperates with startups

BGZ BNP Paribas was the first bank in Poland to present a “Code for Cooperation with Startups”.
Robert Kossmann

Be the leader in SME: 5 recommendations

On the eve of the conference, we publish one excerpt of the speech of Robert Kossmann, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Raiffeisen Bank Aval.

IFC boosting access to finance for SME farmers from Western Balkans...

Agriculture is a key growth area for many countries in ECA region (Eastern Europe and Central Asia).

That which is more important than a corporate publication

Lyudmila Sarycheva, Editor-in-chief of the Modulbank’s “Delo”, co-author of the book “Write, cut”.

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