Nika Kurdiani - Deputy CEO at TBC Bank

At work with Nikoloz Kurdiani

Long days are part and parcel of the working life of Nikoloz Kurdiani, deputy CEO at TBC Bank in Georgia, but to him work...
Marcin Balicki

SMEs tend to opt for leased fleets

Olena Gryniuk talked to Marcin Balicki, about the development of the leasing market in Poland and how Millennium Leasing approaches SME customers.
TBC Bank

SME Banking ecosystem at TBC Bank in Georgia

For TBC Bank (Georgia), SME Banking is a whole ecosystem that not only involves lending to SMEs or opening current accounts.
Code for Cooperation with Startups

How BGŻ BNP Paribs Bank in Poland cooperates with startups

BGZ BNP Paribas was the first bank in Poland to present a “Code for Cooperation with Startups”.

RoBots – a digital revolution at BGZ BNP Paribas Bank

BGŻ BNP Paribas Bank in Poland built and implemented the first robot to automate loan administration for entrepreneurs in less than two months.
Lisa Schmid

Deposit marketplace for SMEs — access to savings products across Europe

Raisin is a leading fintech company in Europe, established 5 years ago, based in Berlin.

Can a customer register a business with your bank?

In February 2018 another bank in Poland, mBank, announced that it is now possible to register a sole proprietorship through the bank’s online banking system.
Marcin Grodowski

LeaseLink – leasing as a method of payment

LeaseLink is the only company on the European market providing an entirely online leasing procedure.
Bogdan Boteanu

An offer for micro and SME segment at ING Bank Romania

ING Bank, the sixth largest bank in the Romanian banking system in terms of assets, has recently launched several new products for its SME customers.

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