Daljit Singh

Daljit Singh (ANNA): 90% of small business failures are down to...

ANNA is positioning itself in the increasingly crowded challenger market by targeting small businesses and entrepreneurs in the creative industries, like advertising, entertainment, crafts and even distilleries.
Boris Dyakonov

At work with Boris Dyakonov

Boris Dyakonov’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit have seen him taking a rich variety of banking industry positions in the past 21 years before founding the Tochka bank for entrepreneurs.
Nika Kurdiani - Deputy CEO at TBC Bank

At work with Nikoloz Kurdiani

Long days are part and parcel of the working life of Nikoloz Kurdiani, deputy CEO at TBC Bank in Georgia, but to him work...
John Mark Williams at CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2018

John Mark Williams: Business agility is a mindset

During the CEE SME Banking Club Conference 2018 in Warsaw John Mark Williams moderated several panels, including the one on digital transformation and agile approach in SME Banking.

Our main task in the SME segment is to attain revenue...

An interview with Sergey Kovalenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the ATF Bank.
Elena Kowalskaya

The country needs two million entrepreneurs

Interview with Elena Kowalskaya, Director of Marketing Department of Oshchadbank on the new SME support program.

mBank’s Ecosystem for SME customers

Olena Gryniuk talked to Piotr Teodorczyk, director of the Business Customer Department at mBank, about creating SME Banking Ecosystem and the way mBank approaches SMEs.
Maya Margie

Access to knowledge and networking are the primary needs of small...

During the Caucasus18 SME Banking Club Conference in Tbilisi, Olena Gryniuk talked to Maya Margie Younes, Head of the Marketing Group at BLC Bank.

Santander Bank Polska in Poland will service SMEs through virtual RMs

Santander Bank Polska has launched a pilot project that will provide services to SME customers through virtual relationship managers (virtual RMs).

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