Lyudmila Sarycheva

That which is more important than a corporate publication

Lyudmila Sarycheva, Editor-in-chief of the Modulbank’s “Delo”, co-author of the book “Write, cut”.
SME Banking Mobile Apps Study

SME Banking Mobile Apps Study

New trends in mobile banking for SMEs in 2018 Most of the largest banks have some applications for business customers. Usually, banks have two mobile...
Loans went into growth

Loans went into growth

In 2017, the negative trends in SME lending gave way to positive dynamics.
Elena Kowalskaya

The country needs two million entrepreneurs

Interview with Elena Kowalskaya, Director of Marketing Department of Oshchadbank on the new SME support program.
Mobile messaging for banking

Mobile messaging for banking

Financial institutes shall support constant contact with their clients - this is performed not only for security reasons, but now is a mandatory option of CRM.
Mobile traffic 2018

Mobile traffic 2018

5 Key Trends in the Development of Mobile Banking.
Mykola Chumak, CEO & co-owner at idnt

How to transform customer experience into bank’s key advantage

Olena Gryniuk talked to Mykola Chumak, CEO & co-owner at idnt, about customer experience and future of branches for SME customers.
Bruce Brenkus - Chief Risk Officer at Spotcap

New models in SME finance: Best practice from Spotcap

Interview with Bruce Brenkus, Chief Risk Officer at Spotcap.
Alternative SME Lending

Latest updates from three alternative SME lenders

Most alternative SME lenders have a 24-hour decision-making process, which is ideal for most small businesses that need regular financing and have limited resources for dealing with time-consuming bank lending procedures.

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