SME Banking Mobile Apps Study

SME Banking Mobile Apps Study

New trends in mobile banking for SMEs in 2018 Most of the largest banks have some applications for business customers. Usually, banks have two mobile...

Mobile messaging for banking

Financial institutes shall support constant contact with their clients - this is performed not only for security reasons, but now is a mandatory option of CRM.

Mobile traffic 2018

5 Key Trends in the Development of Mobile Banking.
digital sme banks

Digital SME banks

Banking for SMEs is still expensive and slow, with paperwork mainly and branches involved.
mobile apps

5 mobile banking apps for SME customers that can inspire you!

With SME customers completing more and more transactions on their mobile phones, and not at bank branches, every day, the quality of mobile banking apps is a critical point that can differentiate banks in their competition to retain existing clients and attract new ones.

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