Digitalization in Leasing Industry

Marcin Balicki - CEO at Millennium Leasing (Poland)
Marcin Balicki - CEO at Millennium Leasing (Poland)

The main areas which will be infl uenced by digitalization include internal processes, conclusion of agreements, and post-sales services. Interview with Marcin Balicki, CEO at Millennium Leasing (Poland), Vice-chairman of the Executive Committee at Polish Leasing Association.

What fields for digitalization you see as the priority in leasing industry, especially for SME customers?

Every company present on the Polish market is trying to come up with their own answer to that question, yet this is naturally an area in which those companies compete with each other and are rather not disclosing their plans before they are implemented. The main areas which will be infl uenced by digitalization include internal processes, conclusion of agreements, and post-sales services, but also the precise stage of clients comparing and choosing an offer.

In the area of internal processes, the effects of digitalization will mainly apply to the time efficiency and cost reduction.

In terms of conclusion of agreements, revision of the law that would allow abandoning the written form of leasing agreements is essential in Polish realities. If this condition is fulfilled, it shall open a broad range of possibilities to offer our clients an option of concluding a leasing agreement in those areas of digital space where they conduct transactions – on websites and in mobile apps they use. The diversity of those potential procedures is so vast, that a decision of choosing a procedure will be a part of an individual strategy of each lessor.


The area of post-sales service seems to be penetrated better than any other. Solutions already present on the market or those which are going to be introduced in the near future, address the majority of clients’ needs in this extent.

However, finding such a platform, that would allow facing a challenge of digitalization in the area of shopping behaviors of the clients, which in the SME sector are going to be increasingly determined by changes of such behaviors in private lives of the decision-makers, would be a real challenge for the leasing sector. We’ve opened a dialogue on the matter within the framework of Polish Leasing Association. I am personally involved in the discussion and I believe that we will manage to work out such an agreement.

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In your opinion, how digitalization will transform the market in terms of customer experience, products, players, etc.?

There’s a lot going on here and the pace of those changes is extremely fast. I’d like to mention examples from my own home turf – an award-winning Bank Millennium mobile app or Goodie (, a new smart-shopping platform. Car-sharing platforms are just implementing in Warsaw and it will be interesting to see how they are going to be adopted by the market.

If I were to sum it up – I believe that customer experience is becoming an absolutely key factor of success in today’s world. An access to information and a possibility of conveniently storing, processing and comparing it are becoming increasingly important. We are, even unknowingly, ever more frequently using tools which, based on our individual preferences and geolocation, are providing us with information when it can be potentially the most interesting for us. I think that everything we are experiencing as private users of social media, clients of online stores, information services, browsers, is permanently changing our outlook on the model of decision-making, including making business decisions.


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