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Valentin Yaromenko - CEO at the consulting company White Sales
Valentin Yaromenko - CEO at the consulting company White Sales

Interview with Valentin Yaromenko, CEO at the consulting company White Sales, the author of the philosophy of “white sales.”

The task of the manager, in simple words, is to simplify the life of his children who work for him. And, they need to comply by automating all the routines; that is, picking it up and simplifying it. They saw that work is not something that you do every day, as some were running around. Everything is simple; I did it once or twice or three times. Every day, they must see the results; they must understand what is happening, understand the transparent game, and understand that they are in society; a society in which there is no king. Do not be such bosses; give them the freedom to solve their problems. You will solve their problem and sell them work and they will sell you because these are your customers.

I believe that everything should be easier. On our example, in order to not think which KPI’s to do correctly, I removed them. Three years ago, we changed the whole system of motivation, removing the full rates. We say that less than 10 thousand people cannot get them. These are the high lows that grow, but which a person, in fact, should not receive because he must always earn each dollar himself. We choose values, which are the values of treating people normally.

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