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Shifts in the Low Touch Economy

You get it, the world is changing due to Covid-19. We are not here to tell you that same story, but to look beyond the current news cycle. Which fundamental shifts are here to stay, how will they turn industries upside down, and which strategic options do you have to go on offense.

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The Low Touch Economy is here to stay

The post-Covid19 era will have an economy shaped by new habits & regulations
based on reduced close-contact interaction and tighter travel & hygiene restrictions.
The current disruption will change how we eat, work, shop, exercise, manage our health,
socialize, and spend our free time – at an unprecedented rate of change.
In this report we look at:

  1. Why our world will be very different
  2. 10 Examples of expected shifts in consumer behavior, and opportunities for businesses
  3. How different Industries are impacted
  4. What to do now

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