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The Future of Finance

How the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the future of business finance forever

The future of digital finance is being accelerated due to COVID-19. With its speed and efficiency being a clear desire for billions of consumers, businesses must begin to turn to platforms which provide the ultimate digital finance solutions.

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With COVID-19 still impacting businesses, Capital on Tap has published a paper looking into the future of finance and the impact of COVID-19. The whitepaper includes research into consumer payment habits, as well as expert predictions from C-level executives of leading UK fintechs, for those seeking advice on their finances during this difficult time.

Broken into five key sections, the whitepaper covers:

  • COVID-19’s impact on finance.
  • The move to a cashless economy.
  • How businesses are adapting to change.
  • The room for FinTech startups.
  • Expert advice on managing finances.

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