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Will COVID-19 be a watershed moment for banking?

When the world changed overnight in 2020, the banking industry was left to reorient itself to an immediately changed landscape of consumer preferences. As the industry inches forward toward a new normal, banks are reprioritising, reinvesting and readjusting their strategies and innovations on the fly.

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In partnership with Coleman Parkes Research, Marqeta surveyed 200 banking executives from across Europe, to gauge where banks were directing their energies and attention. What we found was an industry that had been universally and likely irrevocably changed by the impact of COVID-19, but was starting to settle on a path forward.

Key data:

  • 75% of bankers surveyed said that the impact of COVID-19 had changed business banking models forever;
  • 88% said their organization was overwhelmed by the demand for online and mobile banking during the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • 66% said they expect to increase investment in digital banking and services.

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