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Financial needs in the agriculture and agri-food sectors in the European Union

This report summarises the findings of 24 studies that analysed agriculture and agri-food financing in 24 EU Member States by providing an understanding of investment drivers, financing supply and financing difficulties, as well as the existing financing gaps for both sectors, at EU and national level.

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The analysis draws on the results from two comprehensive and representative EU-level surveys carried out in 2018 and 2019, and their consecutive analysis at national level. These were the fi-compass survey on financial needs and access to finance of EU agricultural enterprises, and a survey of the financial needs of EU agri-food processing enterprises. The report does not take into account the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis and/or the effect of any new support scheme being set-up by the Member States and/or changes in legal basis and/or policies at European level to mitigate the crisis, as surveys and data available covered a period prior to its outbreak. This would need to be subject to further analyses by interested stakeholders, administrations and/or researchers.

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