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The future of SME lending

SME lending in transition: opportunities to develop future-oriented business models

The market for SME lending is changing rapidly: Alternative financing providers are becoming increasingly attractive to companies, and the traditional bank loan is losing importance. Banks and other traditional lenders must adapt their business model to customer needs and learn from the most successful financing platforms.

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In the lending market, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent a very attractive segment for banks and other lenders. But the business environment is changing dramatically: more and more SME customers are turning to alternative financing providers such as manufacturers, digital banking platforms or alternative (direct) lenders. They offer them better conditions, less complicated processes and more customized solutions. Traditional bank loans are becoming much less relevant. Banks and other incumbent lenders must act now to adapt their business model to the changed needs of SMEs, otherwise they’re at risk of irretrievably losing an entire business segment.

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