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Small Business: Digital Growth 2015

Small Business: Digital Growth

Small businesses and the economy generally, can realise significant benefits by embracing mobile and internet technologies to transform their operations.

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Powered by PwC’s Geospatial Economic Model (GEM), our analysis shows that small businesses can unlock an additional $49.2 billion of private sector output over the next ten years by making better use of these technologies.

In each State and Territory across Australia, small businesses have the potential to help grow the economy.

Improve business strategy & management

Internet and mobile technologies benefit a wide range of business activities.

  • Better understand your customers and competitors. Approximately 46% of small businesses use the internet to monitor the market or competitors, and 54% of small businesses report a positive impactfrom social media via good customer feedback, increased sales and better networking and advertising opportunities.
  • Lower the cost and risks of trying new things. Businesses like Pozzible, Indiegogo, Kickstarter, and RocketHub make innovation easier by connecting individuals who pool money, technical expertise, and other resources to support projects and launch business ventures.
  • Save time, lower cost and improve your understanding of your business. Cloud based book keeping and accounting services such as MYOB and XERO help small businesses reduce the time spent on administration.
  • Increase annual revenue. Small businesses that have high-levels of digital engagement (e.g. use search engine optimisation and marketing and multiple digital technologies) have better business outcomes compared to those with lower engagement, with some studies suggesting a 20% increase in annual revenue.

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