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SME Banking in Europe 2008

SME Banking in Europe 2008

This is the second annual SME Banking survey undertaken by Efma andFinalta. The increased level of participation in the 2008 survey reflectsgreater SME focus among European banks and provides a richgeographical comparison of European performance and practices.

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Through 2007, Finalta and Efma conducted their second annual European SME Banking survey. Launched at Efma’s SME Banking Conference in Paris in June 2007, the survey concluded in November 2007. Over 70 banks participated from across Europe.

For those questions that remained the same as last year’s report, previous data was aggregated giving responses from over 130 institutions in 30 different countries. This increased sample size allows us to analyse some data by country or region and also by size of SME segment. Further, and where relevant, trend analysis has been provided.

As context, these surveys complement Finalta’s more detailed benchmarking work with Europe’s leading banks. Some of the findingsof this work have been included to add insight. While the nature of anonline survey has constraints in terms of analytical detail, we believe the results are an accurate representation of the current state of play as:

  • Respondents are generally SME segment heads or equivalent and aretherefore close to the performance of their business;
  • In total, participating banks serve over 18 million SME customers representing a significant proportion of the European market;
  • The study includes large (over 200k SME customers), medium (50k to 200k) and small (less than 50k) banks;
  • There is a wide distribution between different countries and regions. Eight regions (Benelux, Central Europe, Iberia, Italy, Nordics, South-eastern Europe, UK & Ireland and Western Europe) are used for analytical purposes.

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