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Bank to the future

We are on the verge of a radical transformation in financial services. Banking as we know it is set to undergo significant change, driven by rapid technological advances, new regulations and evolving consumer needs.

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This thought leadership report evaluates the key trends driving the future shape of banking for consumers, as well as small and medium sized businesses over the coming decade and explores four distinct themes:

  1. Money Management – exploring how spending and saving, budgeting, investing and loan applications are likely to change in the future.
  2. Customer Service – anticipating how interactions between banks and customers will become more personalised and digitised.
  3. Payment Methods – highlighting how payment methods and transactions will be transformed.
  4. Trust, Security and Verification – considering issues of trust, security and verification in light of growing cybercrime worries and data breaches. These themes will be explored from a ‘now’ (up to three years), ‘next’ (three to five years) and ‘future’ (five to ten years) perspective – indicative of when widespread consumer adoption is likely to occur – in order to understand how banking infrastructure will change, and to consider future opportunities and challenges.

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