Terabank opened its first coworking branch in Georgia

Terabank opened its first coworking branch in Georgia

Last summer, Terabank (Georgia) opened its first coworking branch in Tbilisi, called Business Hub, making it the first corworking facility both for the bank and for Georgia. Business Hub is located at the bank’s head office.

In 2015 and 2016, Terabank underwent a rebranding process, changing its focus to SME customers as its key priority. Accordingly, it was necessary to change its image, communication style and interior design so as to provide high-quality banking services to the above-mentioned segment in a comfortable environment. Local and international agencies worked together on the rebranding process. The project was supported by the bank’s shareholders, sheikhs from the United Arab Emirates.

The new concept for the bank’s branches is to provide something of a domestic environment for clients, where the interior is arranged like a home: with a fireplace, soft furniture and decorative photos. At Business Hub, SME bankers and SME analysts offer business banking products and can assist customers in decision-making and provide business advice.

The bank has a special offer for Business Hub customers: one year free of charge for opening and maintaining a business account.

SME customers can use cozy meeting rooms for their business activities and book conference rooms for negotiations with their clients. Internet access is free for all Hub visitors.

Terabank plans to open 20 more business hubs all over Georgia. Terabank has been playing an important role in the Georgian banking sector for over 17 years now.


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